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Esbjerg latest results

3 - 4
1 - 2

Esbjerg Players

Players Position
Mads Larsen
Mads Larsen Denmark
Ramón ten Hove
Ramón ten Hove Netherlands

Esbjerg latest transfers

Date Player From To Price
2018-08-07 A. Dreyer Esbjerg Brighton € 2.2M
2017-01-16 B. Paulsen Esbjerg Hammarby FF € 245K
2013-08-15 M. Braithwaite Esbjerg Toulouse € 2M
2012-09-01 M. Lekven ODD Ballklubb Esbjerg € 150K
2012-07-26 S. Rieks Esbjerg NEC Nijmegen € 300K
2012-07-03 Davidson Eden FC St. Pauli Esbjerg € 30K

About Esbjerg

Esbjerg fB, commonly known as EfB, is a professional football club based in Esbjerg, Denmark. Founded in 1924, the club is one of the oldest and most respected in Danish football, with a rich history and a strong fan base. EfB plays its home matches at the Blue Water Arena, a modern stadium with a seating capacity of 16,942.

Esbjerg fB's history is marked by periods of success interspersed with challenges. The club has won the Danish Football Championship five times, with their first title coming in 1961, followed by victories in 1962, 1963, 1965, and 1979. They have also won the Danish Cup on three occasions, in 1964, 1976, and 2013.

The club's golden era was undoubtedly the 1960s when they dominated the Danish league. This period saw the emergence of several talented players who would go on to represent Denmark at the international level. The 1970s and 1980s were more challenging, but the club managed to stay in the top flight and even won their fifth league title in 1979.

The turn of the century brought new challenges for Esbjerg fB, with financial difficulties leading to a period of instability. However, the club managed to bounce back and achieved a notable success in 2013 when they won the Danish Cup.

Esbjerg fB has also made its mark in European football. The club has participated in both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, reaching the quarterfinals of the latter in the 1978-79 season. These campaigns have provided memorable moments for the club's supporters and have helped to enhance the club's reputation on the international stage.

Esbjerg fB has a strong focus on youth development, with a successful academy that has produced many players who have gone on to have successful careers in Denmark and abroad. The club's philosophy is to develop homegrown talent and promote them to the first team, ensuring a sustainable future for the club.

Despite the ups and downs, Esbjerg fB has remained a significant part of Danish football. The club's supporters, known as the Blue Knights, are renowned for their passion and loyalty, creating a vibrant atmosphere at home games. The club's motto, "Unity is strength", reflects its commitment to community and teamwork.

In recent years, Esbjerg fB has been striving to regain its former glory. With a dedicated management team, a talented squad, and the unwavering support of its fans, the club is determined to write new chapters in its illustrious history. Despite the challenges, the spirit of Esbjerg fB remains strong, embodying the resilience and determination that have been the hallmarks of this proud club since its foundation.

Prediction Stats

Correct Strike rate
Winner 34/69 49%
Over/Under 32/44 73%
League Correct %
Pro League logo Pro League 44/53 83%
Cup logo Cup 9/11 82%
Primera División - Apertura logo Primera División - Apertura 28/34 82%
Premier League logo Premier League 50/62 81%
World Cup - Qualification Asia logo World Cup - Qualification Asia 28/35 80%
First League logo First League 118/150 79%
Liga 1 logo Liga 1 65/83 78%
Super League 1 logo Super League 1 113/144 78%
Primera División Femenina logo Primera División Femenina 103/136 76%
Liga Pro logo Liga Pro 130/170 76%