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Vendsyssel FF latest transfers

Date Player From To Price
2021-08-28 P. Bizoza FC UFA Vendsyssel FF € 115K

1. Division standings

Rank Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Sonderjyske players, news and schedule Sonderjyske 19 13 4 2 52 20 32 43
2 Aalborg players, news and schedule Aalborg 19 12 6 1 39 16 23 42
3 Vendsyssel FF players, news and schedule Vendsyssel FF 19 9 5 5 27 23 4 32
4 Hobro players, news and schedule Hobro 18 10 1 7 23 17 6 31
5 FC Fredericia players, news and schedule FC Fredericia 18 8 6 4 28 22 6 30
6 Kolding IF players, news and schedule Kolding IF 19 9 1 9 27 27 0 28
7 Hillerød players, news and schedule Hillerød 19 6 6 7 30 28 2 24
8 AC Horsens players, news and schedule AC Horsens 19 7 3 9 24 27 -3 24
9 B 93 players, news and schedule B 93 18 6 2 10 19 33 -14 20
10 HB Koge players, news and schedule HB Koge 19 5 2 12 21 41 -20 17
11 FC Helsingor players, news and schedule FC Helsingor 19 2 5 12 20 39 -19 11
12 Naestved players, news and schedule Naestved 18 1 7 10 21 38 -17 10

About Vendsyssel FF

Vendsyssel FF is a professional football club based in Hjørring, Denmark. Founded in 1886, the club has a rich history and has become a significant part of Danish football culture. The club's name, Vendsyssel, is derived from the peninsula on which Hjørring is located, reflecting its deep roots in the local community.

Vendsyssel FF started its journey in the lower divisions of Danish football, slowly climbing the ranks through consistent performances and a dedicated fan base. The club's primary colours are red and white, and their home games are played at the Nord Energi Arena, a stadium with a capacity of approximately 7,500 spectators.

Throughout its history, Vendsyssel FF has experienced several ups and downs. The club's most significant achievement came in the 2017-2018 season when they secured promotion to the Danish Superliga, the top tier of Danish football, for the first time in their history. This achievement marked a significant milestone for the club and its supporters, demonstrating the progress made over the years.

Despite their promotion, Vendsyssel FF's stay in the Superliga was short-lived. The club was relegated after just one season, returning to the Danish 1st Division. However, this setback did not deter the club's ambition or dampen the spirits of its supporters. Instead, it served as motivation for the team to strive for a return to the top tier.

Vendsyssel FF is not just a football club; it is a symbol of community spirit and resilience. The club has a strong youth development program, focusing on nurturing local talent and providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills. This commitment to youth development is a testament to the club's dedication to its community and the future of football in the region.

The club's mascot, a red and white fox named Freddy, is a beloved figure among fans and is often seen cheering the team on from the sidelines. The fox symbolises the cunning and determination that Vendsyssel FF embodies on the pitch.

Vendsyssel FF's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and community spirit. Despite the challenges faced, the club has remained steadfast in its commitment to its values and its community. The club's story is far from over, and with the continued support of its dedicated fans, Vendsyssel FF looks forward to writing the next chapter in its history.

Prediction Stats

Correct Strike rate
Winner 87/123 71%
Over/Under 8/15 53%
League Correct %
Pro League logo Pro League 44/53 83%
Cup logo Cup 9/11 82%
Primera División - Apertura logo Primera División - Apertura 28/34 82%
Premier League logo Premier League 50/62 81%
World Cup - Qualification Asia logo World Cup - Qualification Asia 28/35 80%
First League logo First League 118/150 79%
Liga 1 logo Liga 1 65/83 78%
Super League 1 logo Super League 1 113/144 78%
Primera División Femenina logo Primera División Femenina 103/136 76%
Liga Pro logo Liga Pro 130/170 76%